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November 2010

Raising Children – Tips for Parents

by Staff, on parenting, parenting teens, raising children, raising teens, raising your children

Most parents have to deal with lack of time and dedication for raising their children, in return we get wild teens that have no respect for the authority and are easily swayed, in most cases gullible. So how do we raise teens of character that will know how to deal with issues on their own, so that when our children become teens we wouldn’t have to babysit them and can have some trust in them to do what is best?

Well, in order to raise teens that will make us proud we have to start early, so in fact we have to put parenting first, in front of everything else there is. We need to plan and devote ourselves to our children; they should be our priority, that is what parenting is all about.

The first thing you need to do is make a plan, how well your children fit into your work schedule, into your free time and into your social life. Make them a part of everything and give them a chance to learn about your work, about life and about friendship. Do all that by giving them a good example, lead by example. You are their model, everything you do will get soaked up by your children.

As such your kids will take in pretty much everything, so keep your eyes and your ears open, make sure that you are fully aware of what your children are learning, watching on the TV or picking up from their friends.

One thing that most parents tend to forget that there is no gray area with kids, there is wrong and there is right, and you should be the perfect model for them. Be clear on what your kids can or can’t do, what is wrong and what is right, no and yes. Your children need to learn to respect your statements and your decisions without thinking about them and complaining, but that only works if you keep to your character at all times. Being soft and changing your punishment will not help you in raising your children.

You should also be involved with their world, what they are learning at school, who they are hanging out with, and most of all you need to learn to listen to your children from an early age, which will help your kids later in teen years when they need someone to talk to. Only a handful of parents can praise with the fact that their teens come to them for advice and help, you can be one of those, but it all starts from an early age. Parenting should be done right from the very beginning to the end, without changing your mind and playing a good role model one day and a bad the next.

We all want what is best for our children, we want them to be successful in life, but most of all we want our children to be people of character that will know what is right and what is wrong. We are the ones that shape our children; we are the one responsible for their early success and their early failures. We are the ones that can make the difference by dedicating ourselves to parenting, by dedicating ourselves to our children. Staff