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January 2010

Prom- Health and Safety tips

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Prom is that special day every teen waits for at the end of high school. It tops the list of special days and events for any high school teen and is one of the most important days for anyone’s life. A lot of thought and preparation goes into this day for many teens. So in order to ensure that it ends up a special day, it is important to make sure that one notes and observes all the health and safety precautions that might ruin the occasion.

A big part of prom night is looking good and that will require keeping fit and staying in shape. Hardly rocket science but it is not surprising some of the lengths teens go through to be able to fit in that gorgeous dress or that cool suit. It is unhealthy to just go on a crash diet. Do it early and slowly. Avoid foods or drinks with high calorie content and exercise for at least an hour a day. You’ll do just fine.

Then there comes one of the most important issues and mainly for girls which is hair do. There are thousands of hair products out there with a good number of them loaded with dangerous chemicals. It is very important to follow the instructions contained on the hair products very carefully to avoid disaster. Also go for the most renowned and generally acceptable products.

Don’t go for a skin tan just for the sake of it. It is a potentially hazardous effort if one is not careful. The possibility of picking up skin burns is real. Skin burns are known to increase a person’s chances of protracting skin cancer later in their life. Besides, you are beautiful or handsome the way you are so just be comfortable. If you really have to go for it make sure as a rule you make use sun screens with a sun proof factor of over 16 at least. But it would be much safer to avoid tanning completely.

Footwear and especially for girls is important if one is to avoid unnecessary injuries. High heels will never go out of style especially with beautiful dresses or gowns but they increase your chances of falling or tripping and consequently picking up an injury. Never mind the chances of ripping your dress and causing some embarrassment. They are all good if one is used to them or is comfortable with them but it is much safer and more logical if one wears what they feel comfortable in. High heels are also known to cause back injuries in some girls.

Perhaps the most important factor to be considered during prom nights is safety. It is important to have friends you can trust around you at all times and within easy reach. Also constant communication within yourselves will minimize the chances of anything awful happening to any of you. Most important is to avoid any alcohol or drugs which might impair your judgment and increase the chances of you being harmed or harming others. Alcohol and drugs are not as cool as people say they are. They have serious consequences.

Have a planned arrival and exit time and as far as you can help it, keep to that schedule. If for any reason you can’t inform those you trust of the change in plans. Keeping people informed of what you are up to and where is the most important weapon for your safety.

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