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February 2011

Problems of Teenage Mothers in Alabama – Teen Problems

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Alabama has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the US. Every year, more than 8000 babies are born by teenage girls, aged 12-19 years old. 1st county by percentage ranks Lowndes County. Statistic also says that 80% of teenage pregnancies are unintended and to unmarried teens. 70% of teen pregnancies are fathered by men older than 20.

Unintended birth often leads to unplanned marriages or single parenting. These are not only problems teen mothers have to face, off course. Only one-third receives a high school diploma and only 1-2% ever gets a college degree. Almost every one of them ends up on welfare.

Health risks are much higher for younger mothers them mothers at an older age. They include anemia, high blood pressure, premature delivery and even death. This is not because of immature physical development, but because in most cases teen mothers lack prenatal care. Some teen girls will hide the fact of their pregnancy for months from others, especially from their parents, and not getting proper medical care. Others do not even realize they carry a baby and continue with the youth way of life. Unfortunately, there is even a small number that still don’t want to miss anything from their childhood and continue to drink or abuse drugs, even knowing that they are pregnant.

The babies born my teen mothers have lower birth weights and are more likely to die on birth. They are at greater risk of abuse and neglect, and are more likely to fail at school. There is also a risk of physical or mental illness, both for babies and their young mothers. The daughters of teen mothers are 22% more likely to become teen mothers themselves. For the boys, there is 13% more chance to end up in prison.
Usually, younger sister of a teen mother gets herself involved in a sex relationship sooner than other teenage girls. Off course that there is a greater chance that she will also become a teenage mother.

It is harder for teen mothers than for the fathers of their babies, even if they are teens themselves. Other than the fact that their complete behavior has affect to their babies, and that they have to change the lifestyle completely, there are also social problems. Young woman with a child is no longer social taboo, but still, she could find herself mistreated from others in school or left out by girlfriends, or face family despite.

Teenage motherhood became huge problem for Alabama, creating a need for education changes and teen pregnancy prevention programs like “Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy”. Staff