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October 2010

Preventing Teenage Drug Abuse

by Staff, on at risk youth, family relationship, preventing teenage drug abuse, preventing ten drug abuse, teen drug abuse, teen drug abuse prevention, teenage drug abuse

We already covered the warning signs of teen drug abuse, if you are sure that your teen is abusing drugs you need to stop him, but how do we prevent that from ever happening. How do we prevent out teens from using drugs? Like we said, it all starts at home, if you want to be an influence on your child you need to have a close relationship with your child, which is the only way you can actually prevent your teen from abusing drugs. You need to be involved with their lives and the only way to achieve that is to start building your relation early; don’t wait for the teen years to achieve that.

If you have a strong bond with your kids that will help you in overcoming any problem that may arise in the future as your kids trust you, and as such your opinion will influence them greatly. Any family that has a close relationship will easily deal with possible drug abuse issues as teens from such families are more likely to listen to an advice from their parents. Not just that, a trust relationship with parents and a family with such close ties showed that teens from such families are much less likely to even try drugs.

If you ever saw one of those shows with confessions about teen drug abuse you probably saw that most teens will say they had to deal with something that was out of their ability to cope on their own and that is why they started using drugs. Teens sometimes feel like no one cares for them which is one of the greatest reasons why they start using drugs. An active interest in your teen will greatly help reduce the risk of that happening to your teen as he will feel like he has a place to turn to if he needs help and support. Make sure that you are involved with your teen and his life, from school, his personal activities and his friends, that will be a great help in dealing with any type of issue your teen might be having.

You need to engage your teen with some activities, help him find something he loves to do, something that will motivate your teen. Kids that have a passion are less likely to give in to drugs. In the end preventing teen drug abuse is mostly an in-house matter, being there for your kid, building a good relationship and supporting your teen in times of need I what will decrease the chances of your teen using drugs. Staff