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October 2010

Pressuring Parents – How to Deal with Them

by Staff, on at risk blog, at risk youth, parent pressure, pressuring parents, teen pressure

We all want what is best for our kids, sometimes from that wish we become something else not so pleasant, boring and pressuring parents that don’t listen to their children. Well if your parents are like this and you feel pressured and yours and their opinions never match and you feel like you have to follow only their wishes there are certain things that need to change.

First of all you need to learn how to deal with your pressuring parents. The first and the basic thing to do in any situation is to remain calm. It doesn’t matter if your mother is repeating the same thing for the X time in the last hour, don’t lose your cool. If you remain calm and talk in a serious voice your parents will realize that you actually have your opinion that didn’t just flew out from you, but it is something that you actually thought about. That will also hint them that you are old and mature enough to have discussions and it will also show them that you listen to what they have to say, which will in return give you an equal opportunity to say what you want.

But once the time comes to actually talk to your parents make sure that you actually have something to say to them and that your point of view has some strong points or it will all be for nothing. Whatever it is that you are trying to say to your parents you need to know it first, have something to back you up, also give them an alternative if they don’t like your thought or opinion or wish, whatever it is. Presenting a mutually agreed upon alternative is always a great way to go and it will make them open for further suggestion in the future.

If this is something very important think beyond your capabilities, bring someone from the outside that can help you and support you in your argument. Like a brother or a sister, or other family members that have influence on your parents.

We already said that you need to present your pressuring parents with an alternative, but if they have an alternative of their own you also have to be willing to make a compromise. The basic of pressuring is that your parents are set on something and that is it, so the chances of them changing their mind are not in your favor, which is why you need to be open for a compromise. Living a life of a teen is living in the middle ground, somewhere between your wishes and the wishes of your parents, which is not bad; you just have to know how to make the best of it.

We have all been through this, and we all thought that we hate our parents at one point or another in our lives. But it is a fact that they are doing it for our own good, sometimes maybe it doesn’t turn out to be according to our wishes and dreams or even to our benefit, which is exactly why you need to be able to break the ice and have a conversation with your pressuring parents. Once they realize that you are mature enough and responsible they will start respecting your decisions and your opinions, which will go in your favor. Staff