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June 2010

Preparing for College

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Preparing for college is a part of every teenager’s life, while some may have easy time choosing and entering a college there are kids that are having difficulties, especially teens with disabilities. Preparing for college the best way is through high school, thinking in advance and choosing your classes will enhance your chances of attending a good college. But there are plenty of other resources for teens to prepare for college, some of those resources, and currently the easiest ones to use, are websites.

Choosing a website is also hard, not as hard as choosing college, but you have to find the right ones. Some websites may change over time, once a great resource may not be so good anymore, plus you have to think if a website is opened for everyone. A child with a disability may not be able to browse through a normal site, so a website with videos and audios might be necessary. To save you the time of looking online for a good website here are three top notch website that deal with teens preparing for college.

Washington Education is the first and the best site we will recommend. This is one of the oldest sites that deal with college preparation and they are the greatest authority around. Every single information needed can be found on this site. This site is also perfect for kids that have no idea what they want, through plenty of specific articles teens can look into their opportunities and make a choice, which is the first step of preparing for college.

The second website where you can get plenty of info and prepare for college in the best possible way is College Prep 101. This is also an old site that deals exclusively with college preparations. Information about student loans, apartments, planning and college terminology can be found in one place in a very easy to read format.

The last site we recommend is Family Education; they have a great section about preparing for college with plenty of other resources available on their site. In addition to outside resources they offer practical tips on how to make a perfect college application, taking care of finances and even dealing with roommates at college.

I am positive that every teenager can find what he or she is looking for on one of these three websites. Using this free info will help you prepare for college in the best possible way. Staff