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January 2011

Parenting Teens – Parenting your Teens to Success

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Being a parent is a full time job that can get out of control sometimes, which usually happen when our kids enter the teen years. Parenting teens is a very demanding job that requires our attention at all times. Teens are developing and they are ready to experiment, this is the most confusing period in their life, which is exactly why we need to help them through this period and work with them to overcome any issues that may present themselves.

We all know what trouble may find us when our kids enter the teen years; this is the time of challenge for most parents. Our teens are dealing with hormone changes, they deal with peer pressure and school activities, they deal with the simple need to be loved by family and friends, and simply to be accepted by others. It is easy for teens to feel like no one understands their feelings and that they are all alone, that may easily result in other consequences if we don’t do something about that early. They have to deal with their new born identity, the one they still haven’t found, they also have to deal with teen sexuality, drugs, drinking, peers and many other things that make parenting teens a rough ride.

This is also a time of change for parents, the discipline methods that once worked may no longer apply. That leads to parents feeling frustrated and even angry; their authority may not be as strong as it was a few years back. The worst part is that most parents feel afraid of the lack of influence they have on their teens and lack of influence on their teens poor decision making choices, like we said, parenting teens can easily turn into a nightmare.

Parenting teens is all about paying attention, the more we preach the less they listen, so we have to turn the tables around and start listening to them, which is the only way to help them and to get them to listen to us and respect our opinion, as we should theirs. The most typical parenting teens issues you may encounter as a parent are arguments and disagreements about their curfew, their choice of friends, driving privileges, their school performance, spending more and more times with their friends and less time with their family and of course, their sexuality and dating issues. Of course their new found clothing style may bother you as well, not to mention things like alcohol and drug abuse or smoking.

Dealing with all these issues may be impossible for most parents, which is why you shouldn’t allow some of them to happen. Of course you will argue and disagree about some things, the manner in which you solve those issues will reflect on your parent – teen relationship and help you solve future issues as well. You have to aim to reduce the teens dependence on parents as well as teach them responsibility and discipline for their open concern.

In order to avoid possible teen aggressive behavior and drug abuse as the worst possible outcome you need to invest time and effort into understanding your teens, that is the only road to successful parenting and raising successful teens. You have to give it all you got, arguing with your children or always going for a harsh discipline measure will backfire on you sooner or later, the only way to make your teens understand where you are coming from is to try to understand them and where they are coming from, this is what successful parenting teens boils down to. Staff