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January 2011

Parenting Teenagers – When to Increase Your Teens Privileges

by Staff, on parenting, privileges, teen, teenagers, teens

One of the biggest questions that comes with parenting teenagers is when they are ready to take on more responsibilities, when are they ready to have more privileges. Of course if you have a troubling teen that causes plenty of trouble and argues with you all the time that is a sign that he is not ready to take on more responsibilities as freedom, but it also means that you have to change something in your parenting.

Teen Privileges

We have a simple plan for our teens when they misbehave or go against our rules, it is usually cutting down on their privileges, but when it comes to giving them more freedom we are always puzzled as whether they will run wild like a dog let loose or will they accept that freedom as responsibility and make our trust in them valid.

There are several things to consider, parenting teenagers is all about choices, we have to make a choice, is the time right. If our teenagers are showing that they can handle their school activity on a satisfactory level and that they are being more and more responsible it is surely time to at least test their responsibility to some level.

We can’t guess this; we have to give it a try. Our teens are always full of surprises, so they may give us a run for our money when it comes to showing responsibility, or they may fail. The thing is that we have to try, so once you feel that your teen may be ready increase his freedom and his choice making privileges by a certain degree and monitor what happens. This is the only way that our teens are going to learn how to handle their responsibilities. If we keep our kids locked up all the time they will either rebel sooner or later or they will end up socially challenged as well as deprived of certain qualities needed for a young adult to succeed in life, they will become too dependent on their parents.

In order to avoid that from happening we need to let our children be more and more responsible for their own actions, so we need to let them try. The one way that shows that our teens will do the right thing and handle their responsibilities well is a good example. So if you set yourself as a good example your teens are more likely to repeat that success.

We need to stay connected to our teens at all times. Even though they are beginning to behave more and more like adults, they are far from being totally independent. By being connected we will know what is going on with them and we will be able to help, and that is the whole purpose of parenting, getting our children ready for the adult life that will be full of choices and responsibilities. Staff