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April 2011

Parenting Sons and Helping Michigan Boys on a Way of Becoming Men

by Staff, on boys, michigan, parenting, parents, risk, sons, teenagers, teens, youth

Some parents, especially fathers, want their sons to become “real men”, treating them differently from their daughters and pushing them more into sports, making them tough. Of course, you cannot raise your boys and girls the same, but just because you have a boy, it does not mean that he doesn’t need affection as well.

In fact, while they are younger, many boys from Michigan tend to be bigger “cry babies” then girls. It doesn’t mean that your boy won’t became a man, or that he will be whiny his whole life. After all, many women agree that a real man is not a rough man, but the one who behaves as gentleman.

Some parents believe that spanking is part of parenting boys, as it will build their character and teaches them respect. This is not positive discipline. Instead, you will only teach that violence is solution. You don’t want a violent teenager in your house, and we certainly don’t need more violent people in Michigan.

Other parents don’t use violence but they still have problematic teenager. Well, this is perfectly normal. Teen boys go through physical, emotional and social change and it usually affects them more then teenage girls, which result in causing more trouble then the opposite gender.

Prepare yourself for many frustrations and difficulties that might occur while you are parenting teen boys. They are more like to get drunk and drive, taste and develop drug abuse problem, try to engage in premature sexual relationship, aggressive behavior, rebellion, dropping out from school, disobey and neglect you…

Boys, just like every men, need to show off, prove their abilities, make themselves important. Teens just do it in a very wrong ways. They show their strength and leadership abilities in a negative way that will get into trouble, like getting into a fight, or quarrel with teacher and much worse.

You need to set boundaries for your son, and make them firm. Aldo he may look like a strong man, grown up, he is still just a kid, still not able to make the right decisions every time. He still needs you to guide him and teach him right from wrong. Positive male model is very important for a young man.

If you are a father, try to remember how you felt while you were a teenager and use that experience for raising their son. Mother should read some books on the topic, and both parents should try to learn all the sighs of behavior related to some problem. Teen age is difficult and dangerous for boys, and can be dangerous to others, because of their destructive behavior. Staff