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April 2010

Parent Hotlines

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Depending on your situation you may or may not have problems with your children, but whatever may be the case you as a parent need to be prepared for the worse. You have two ways to be prepared, one that I will always recommend and one I think is the responsibility of any parent and that is to educate him or her about teen issues and problems that may occur, that way parents might handle the situation more efficiently. The other is to have a list of parent hotlines and crisis hotlines that might help you in an urgent situation. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but just in case you should always be prepared. I have made a short list of three authoritative sites that parents should check out, they provide a list of hotline numbers and websites. These sites also provide a certain level of education for parents and teens, so you can get two for one, and of course both are free, all they require is your time and a will to help.
The first website I would recommend gives a number of hotline phone numbers for almost any crisis and they also specialize in helping parents deal with their troubled teenagers. The website is Parent Hotline, the title says it all. They have experience in dealing with troubled teenagers and they may be your first stop to educate yourself and in case something goes wrong to turn for help.
The second website is All About Counseling, they have a large database of crisis parent hotlines for almost every known teenage issue there is from domestic violence and suicide hotline to eating disorder hotline. The website also offers plenty of free advice and help for all those issues they offer hotline phones for.
The last website is PBS, this is a very authoritative site that offers plenty of various information. They have devoted one section to parent hotline; aside from giving numbers for various crisis hotlines they also provide an extensive list of websites that offer help for parents and troubled teenagers. A great place to find anything you want to know, a great place to educate yourself and if something happens you should write the numbers down and keep them close just in case.
The responsibility of every parent is to be ready, like I said the best way is to educate yourself and to be there for your child when you he needs you. The other is to be prepared for the worse, and that can be accomplished by having all emergency numbers handy. Staff