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October 2010

Over The Counter Drugs Used by Teens

by Staff

Over the counter drugs or OTC are very easy to get and as such they are being used by teenagers more and more and since these are official medication it is very easy to obtain any information about them and how to get them. Teens take advantage of some of the substances these drugs have and that get them high, feeling falsely secure because these are legal drugs. Most commonly abused over the counter drugs are pain medications, diet pills and cough medicine.

The most often abused OTC drugs are various types of cough medicine because most of the contain dextromethorphan, also known as DXM. The effects of this drug in larger quantities are mostly mind altering effects, but it can very easily become addictive. The biggest issue about this type of abuse and other OTC drugs being abused is that it is very hard to detect this type of substance abuse. These drugs are fairly cheap and anyone can get them. In other words, all of the warning signs about drug abuse do not work here, which makes it a great problem and a hard one to deal with.

Another type of abused over the counter drugs are diet pills, they are said to create a “buzz”. But you can already guess what diet pills can cause to your teen, a serious eating disorder. In some cases teens first started using diet pills from genuine reasons, like to lose weight, but they can easily become addictive. In some extreme cases teens even use laxatives to get the same effect, which can dehydrate the body and leave it in poor condition.

Pain medication is also a commonly abused type of OTC drugs; in most cases teens are not even aware that these types of drugs can become addictive. In most cases the pain relievers used to get high by teens are the ones that contain caffeine. In most cases these drugs don’t create a strong addiction, but they can have strong and serious side effects.

There is another type of over the counter drugs abused by teens, and those are sexual enhancers. Although these are a bit harder to get they are often abused by teens. In some cases teens just order them through the internet. In most cases they are combined with alcohol, they have severe side effects, especially when mixed. They can cause heart issues and other health problems.

Over the counter drugs are beginning to be a more serious problem each year. The abuse is hard to notice and as such it is hard to prevent, so be on a close lookout if you notice something suspicious. Although these drugs are legal, if not used for the right things and in the right way they can cause serious health problems. Staff