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March 2011

Over the Counter Drug Abuse is Just the Beginning for Florida Teens

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Great number of teenagers from Florida use drugs for non-medical purposes. It seems that they found a way to get high with cheap drugs, which they can even find in their home. Sometimes it is the beginning drug experimenting, sometimes prescription drugs are just the substitutes for the regular drugs they are taking.


In either way, over the counter drug abuse is a serious problem in Florida, as it can hurt teenager’s health as much as illegal drugs. Prescription drug abuse can also create addiction. OTC drugs can’t be banned because they are simple medications like cough medicine, pain killers or diet pills.


It is mostly up to parents to prevent over the counter drug abuse by their teens. Parents should be careful how they handled OTC drugs in the house and keep an eye on the medicine cabinet. If doctor prescribed OTC drugs to a teenager, parents should control the usage of them, so the teenager would not fall under temptation of over the counter drug abuse.


It is required to know all of the prescription drugs that a teenager could abuse, to avoid happening of it right under your nose. Aldo it is hard to notice them, there are certain changes in behavior that parents should learn, so they could recognize them if they happen in their teen. There are many counselors in Florida specialized in over the counter drug abuse who can help parents with this.


Some of the symptoms include poor memory, constant mood changes, anxiety, blurry vision, sudden hostility, numbness, getting worse results at school, confusion, lack of interest in normal activities or hallucinations. The effects of OTC drug abuse are harm to the brain, liver damage, depression, seizure, stroke and many others, including death.


Teens don’t stop just there, like it is not enough. They like to mix different prescription drugs, or mix them altogether with alcohol. There are even organized parties where the main treat is - over the counter drugs. Kids after these parties often end up in a hospital for poisoning. Some kids like to crash pill to snore them for an increased effect. It is also more like that they will overdose this way.


Over the counter drug abuse often leads to illegal drug abuse. Sometimes kids mix these drugs and the culmination is when they mix them all together with alcohol. This is the state when they are already too deep in the substance abuse and urgent treatment is necessary. Now, the unnecessary usage of cough medicine doesn’t seem so harmless, does it? Staff