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June 2010

Online Resources for Teens

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Why would a teen need online resources, I know it’s obvious but let’s go through it anyway. Well first of all internet is the fastest way to get information, although that job can prove to be a difficult one sometimes, it sure is faster and it offers more of different subjects than you could get in a library. But that is just the beginning, for teens or even adults that have a real live problem situation sometimes internet can be the easiest solution, like hotline numbers.

So reasons for using online resources are obvious for some, while others need to be educated on how to use and for what they can use these resources. Well, I will give you a list of sites that offer plenty of other websites for each possible subject and issue you can think of and websites that offer real time assistance as well as how to and problem solving articles.

Let's say you need an expert opinion on something, you need a math problem solved, you need to find some information or you want to go through some specific news, like your school newspapers, Fontana Lib offers all of that and much more. This site is a great online resource for anything you might ever need; the site offers its own information as well as hundreds of other sites in its database that deal with specific issues.

For kids that have issues with internet itself, like safety worries, tutorial on using the internet in a safe way or how to protect yourself from cyberbullies and identity theft the best site is Wired Safety. This website offers everything you need to know to be able to use internet in a safe and protected way. After all, protecting your privacy on the internet has become a crucial aspect of using the internet, so this should be your first stop.

The last site us Byg Pub, the teenager’s guide to the real world online. This website offers an abundance of information on everything from dating and making money online to college choices and substance abuse. This place is literally packed with information which every teen will need at some point or the other, it is also a great place to learn and try and expand your horizons.

Whether you are preparing for something in the real world or preparing for some online adventure you need to be prepared, that is how life works. If you are not prepared than you can suffer consequences of your actions, internet offers great places to inform yourself, free information are out there and they can help you a lot. Using them is our privilege as the online generation, so wasting all of the opportunities we have before us can be damaging to us and people around us, after all, aren’t we supposed to use every help we can get to become what we want, and this help is offered for free, you weight it out. Staff