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January 2010

Merits of personal greenhouse gas emission calculators

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Individuals can get personal greenhouse gas emission calculators to estimate their greenhouse gas emissions. These gasses include methane, carbon dioxide, and chlorofluorocarbons. There are many reasons you should have a personal greenhouse gas emission calculator.

Personal greenhouse gas emission calculators such as EPA’s Personal Greenhouse Gas Calculator help you track how much energy you are saving. This is not only important in preventing the problems associated with emission of greenhouse gasses such as global warming, it also helps in the success of your business because energy takes up a large chunk of the profits. When you use a personal greenhouse gas emissions calculator, you can compare different energy options – this will help you make a decision on the best approach.

Personal greenhouse gas emissions calculators can be used in offices to determine how green the office is and to determine how green it can be. Calculators such as the one found on Xerox's Web site provides office managers with actionable recommendations to help them achieve their goals. Such calculators employ document assessment research and proprietary algorithms to generate data on the company’s products such as copiers and printers – regardless of who supplied the equipment. Managers can use such calculators to detect opportunities to use paper economically.

Personal greenhouse gas emissions calculators are used to benchmark buildings. Building benchmarking is the comparison of a building with others throughout the United States. Building benchmarking should be done regularly because new, more energy efficient energy systems are being developed everyday. The energy performance for commercial buildings is rated from 1-to-100. This information helps you determine what you need to do to be energy efficient. For more information on how and/or why this is done, follow this link – Energy Star.

Personal greenhouse gas emissions calculators are used by individuals to easily and quickly translate greenhouse gas reductions from units typically used to report greenhouse gas reduction such as metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, into terms that the layman can easily understand, such as the equivalent number of motor vehicles off the road in a year. This is important because many people do not understand the lingo and this leads to less involvement.

A personal greenhouse gas emissions calculator can be used by individuals to measure their car’s carbon footprint and their home’s carbon footprint. The major greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, is produced by the burning of fossil fuels and motor vehicles are the major culprits. With a personal greenhouse gas emissions calculator, you can determine how to lower your carbon footprint and if a significant number of people were to do this, it would significantly reduce the effects of global warming. Homes are a major culprit in that a lot of energy is used. With a personal greenhouse gas emissions calculator, you will be able to use greener energy.

When people use personal greenhouse gas emissions calculators, they will be in a position to demand that action be taken by the government. Many people are not taking part in combating global warming or demanding for government action, simply because they are ignorant on the same. Staff