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April 2011

Maryland Parents Go Online for Parenting Blogs

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Bloging is a modern way of internet communication, accepted and practiced by many Maryland parents. This is a fast and easy way to learn something useful or meet others, who share your every day problems and fears. Many parents choose it as they can stay home, save a lot of time, and still gain and share parenting experience.

Some parenting blogs have several thousands visitors per day, which not only show how popular they are, but also that there are many parents out there who take parenting seriously, which is very admirable. Some parents are seeking for helpful tips, some are giving them, but most parents both give and receive help from others.

Parenting blogs are usually in a form of a diary, written by amateurs and based on personal experience. Other parents can discuss every topic, or there may be a choice for visitors to open their own topic and read about something, seeking for an answer or opinion of others.

Usually, blogs are written by mothers, while fathers usually only read them and sometimes respond to them, but lately there are more man deciding to put their experience online. Sometimes, both parents open and write a blog, giving the view from both mothers and fathers eyes.

Sometimes, you can find blogs written by professionals. Mostly, these blogs are on special topics, for parents who have children with special needs or problems. They can be very useful and parents can learn a lot by reading them, being able to help their children further more.

While searching for interesting parenting blogs, you should seek the ones that look serious to you, that are wrote regular and deal with problems similar to yours. There is not much use of reading of blog written by a housewife with small kids, if you are a single working mother with a teenager. Instead, spend your time in reading a blog written by other single mom.

There is greater chance that you will find answers on a blog written and visited by someone similar to you. Do not be afraid to share your thoughts too. Answer the topics you find interesting or familiar, contact other parents as well. If you can give someone in need advice – don’t hesitate to do it. Sometimes, even word of understanding can be helpful.

At the end, you may want to write your own blog. It doesn’t take much skill or time, it is not expected to write as a professional, just to be honest and to want to help others. Your experience can help others, or other can help you by reading and replying to you. Just pick a subject that is not already common and don’t reveal too much about yourself on the internet in the beginning. Staff