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December 2007

Making Room for Excellence

by Staff, on Aristotle, Blue Ridge, boarding school, Darrington Academy, Georgia

According to the great Aristotle, "Man perfected by society is the best of all animals; he is the most terrible of all when he lives without law, and without justice." At Darrington Academy, they believe that academic success or failure plays a major role in all aspects of a student’s life. The school believes that by creating avenues for success in the classroom, they provide the foundation for the future successes of the students’ lives.

Darrington Academy is located in the outskirts of Blue Ridge, Georgia. The good climate of Blue Ridge, Georgia helps in providing a perfectly conducive environment for adolescents to actualize their character, intellect and natural talents.

Are you wondering about the possible life of your teen at Darrington Academy? Then take note of the following details: >There are 4-6 students per one dormitory room.
>The average length of stay of a student is dependent on the progress of the student as well. This includes the teens’ willingness to comply and commit to creating and working on a positive result. >Parents are, of course, free to visit the facility, anytime they deem necessary. All they have to do is schedule for the visit.

If you wish to sign up your teen at an institution which provides structured schedule and extensive supervision to their students, while allowing them to identify and overcome individual problems, then dear parents, Darrington Academy is waiting for your call.

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