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May 2010

Keeping up to Date with Your Teen Kid

by Staff, on at risk youth, dropping school, Keeping up to Date with Your Teen Kid, risk youth, teen dropping school

Keeping up to date with your teen kid is much harder that it used to be, values have changed, trends have changed and kids, though essentially the same, have different look on things. So how does a parent stay in touch with teen children in this day and age, well the same as our parents did with us. What we used to do 10, 20 or 30 years ago was new for our parents the same as what our kids are doing now is new to us. We have to keep up with the trends and modern technologies that kids are using. But we need to do more than just keep up, we have to be open minded and talk to our kids.

The first step in keeping up to date with your kids is educating yourself on all the possibilities. Since we don’t want to alarm people around us for no reason the best way to inform yourself about what kids are going through these days is internet. You can find plenty of teen dedicated sites, both government and private, that will help you understand a bit of teen behavior in this day and age.

Once you get the basic info and educate yourself a bit you need to implement that knowledge. See if your kid is falling under a certain category or if he shows symptoms of any troubling issue. When you are educated you are more likely to spot a problem when it’s starting, rather that noticing it too late when it’s already hard to deal with it.

If you do notice that something is happening you should investigate. I know that most parents find it difficult to talk to their kids, but that is a bridge we made and we need to cross it, after all, our kids feel the same, they also think that it’s hard to talk to us. That is what you need to do, talk to your kids and try to understand them and their point of view, try to understand where they are coming from. Don’t argue, don’t fight, listen to them and try to understand. Once you listen to them objectively you may find a way to deal with the issue at hand together with your kids. It’s much easier that way, fighting and arguing can only be contra productive, so act on what you say to your kids all the time, think before you speak and think before you act.

Kids present themselves as they have more problems than we used to have in their age, like everything is different now and that there is no way we can understand them. We know that is not true, yes things are different, but those are just a few bumps on the road, their feelings and things they are going through are basically the same, so do not dare to use that as an excuse for not understanding your children. They may use that, but we are adults and we know better, and we as adults have to make the first step, especially if our children are on the line. Staff