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March 2010

It Can Be Good or Bad: Peer Pressure

by Staff, on good or bad, peer, Peer pressure, teen, teen issues, teen peer pressure, teenagers

Peer pressure is what some of the teens are undergoing right now. This is one of the pressure that teenager will usually encounter in this stage of their lives. Teen peer pressure can either be a good or a bad influence to the life of a teen. Teen peer pressure can be bad if your child or your troubled teen is involved in gang members who use drugs and alcohol. But if your child belongs to group wherein thy value their family and the presence of their friends in their lives and do things in a good manner, then the peer pressure becomes good. With this kind of peer pressure, your child can also gain confidence and inspiration from his/ her group. These children are usually up to sports which permits family involvement. Encourage your child to be with those kinds of people with positive influence to them.

The main reason why these kids give in to peer pressure is because one of the stages that they need to pass is not to become isolated. That is why most of the teen wants to be liked and be popular. They do not want to be left alone and not accepted. If a teen feels that he/she is alone, he/she will try everything just to fit in to a certain group of people even though they do smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol. Having a group of people to be with, they can escape things like becoming a joke of the school or have others make fun of them.

The teenagers are the ones vulnerable to this kind of pressure, so it is a must that we should give tips on how to avoid peer pressure with bad influence. First, teen must know on what he/she wants to do in his/her life, he/ she should know herself introspectively, what makes him/her happy and sad. Knowing your own self is kind of fulfilling and challenging. With this the teenager can resist temptation of peer pressure. Follow your heart on what you think is right, follow what you think is best for you. Be strong enough and have more confidence in facing challenges of peer pressure. Secondly, chose your friend carefully make sure they are the ones that will give you good influences rather than bad. Have friends who are with the same interests as yours, rather than those you don’t know because maybe they have a family problem or any painful experience that they want you to experience also.

If you already have a group of friends and they’re doing things like taking drugs, alcohol and others, it is better for you to go away from them and find a new set of kids to hang out with. Staff