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December 2007

Is your kid prepared for adulthood?

by Staff, on boarding school, leaders of the pack, SCLA, Spring Creek Lodge Academy, troubled teen

Proper education enable children in acquiring the tools they need to become responsible members of the community. And that’s why with Spring Creek Lodge Academy (SCLA), they help all students develop their full potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically—things SCLA deemed important to prepare them for adulthood.

Spring Creek Lodge Academy is a year round boarding school designed to provide a highly structured and scheduled environment for troubled teens that have been negatively influenced by drugs, alcohol, peer interaction and low self-esteem.

The goals of SCLA:

> Our primary concern is to help families and their child/children become a functioning family again. > Our secondary concern is academics.

The two are interconnected; yet separate, since the academic progress is the end result of the student consistently working the program.

There is no harm in aiming to be extraordinary members of the community. In the case of Spring Creek Lodge Academy, they train students to be leaders of the pack. After all, being the best that students can be is more than what parents can ask for!

For more information visit their blog here, where you can find feedbacks of students, parents and school administration regarding Spring Creek Lodge Academy. Staff