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March 2011

Improving Relationship between Parents and Children in Florida

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Relationship between parents and children is among the most important few of all relationships there are. Link between them directly has an effect on both of them and building a strong, healthy relationship will make a good parent out of the child, some day.

Most of the parents from Florida say that they feel connected to their children. In addition, more parents that agree with this statement have small children, while the percentage is moderately smaller among parents with teenagers.

This is not strange, as the relationship between parents and children changes over the years, while the child is growing up and situation in family changes. In order to build and keep a strong, healthy bond even when their children become adults, parents must work on their relationship ever since their children are yet babies.

No doubt, relationship is strongest while our kids are still toddlers. This is the time of the greatest attachment to parents, especially mother, as it is the time of greatest dependency. Later development of relationship depends on this attachment. Parents need to adapt to their babies, provide proper nurturing and meet all their needs.

When your baby becomes a toddler, your relationship will change. You will probably not be the only ones that your youngster meets, but still will be the one that needs to provide everything, from feeding and bathing to teaching him first things he needs to know about life – among other things, living in and being a part of your family.

It will take some time until you teach your child about proper behaving, rules and customs of your home. If parents are patient and do this with a lot of love showing, they will be more prepared for the preschool age of their child, when a relationship will change further.

Preschoolers are curious about new experiences and want to meet friends of their age, but still will need you. This is the time when you will teach them social skills, importance of caring for others, trusting others and most important – trusting you. You will teach them not to lie to you, or keep secrets from you, that you are still their best friend and that they can tell you anything.

During the school age, things are pretty much the same, except there will be many more new and different friends for your children to meet, so they will be more interested in exploring relationships with other kids. This doesn’t have to mean that it will put you out of picture, you just have to establish pattern of interaction.

Teen age of your child is the tricky one. It is this period, when relationship between parents and children in Florida usually begins to fade. This is because of sudden changes of adolescents and loosing patience by parents. Parents need not to give up, while their kids go through this confusing phase, and things will go back to normal. Keep on showing your love and understanding, and never get angry because your child is growing apart from you. They are still your children, but also the persons of their own and you both need just need a little time to understand that. Staff