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April 2011

Improving Good Parenting Skills – Suggestions for Michigan Parents

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If parents do not teach their children how to behave on time, they might end up having a spoiled and troublemaking teenager in the house. Constant fights between family members, get involved in fights, failing at school, disregarding duties and jobs around the house, neglecting their sport activities, health and body, engaging in premature sex, reckless driving and other dangerous things, alcohol and drug abuse – these are all things your child might do, even more of them at the same time.

Parents can try to prevent all of this with positive parenting, which is manageable when parents develop good parenting skills. Without them, you are just a provider for your kids, with a constant headache and a lot of yelling around the house. With them, you will achieve a piece and harmony in your family, and raise successful young people. It is simple as that.

What is difficult is improving your parenting skills. You will have to learn as much as you can about parenting teens, understand what are they going through and show a lot of patience and love. There are a lot of parenting classes in Michigan, which can help you with this task. Parents can turn to other resources, like book or internet articles, as well. There is a lot to learn, so more reading you do - better it is for a relationship with your teen.

There is also consulting. Beside Michigan professionals, who will give you their expert opinions, you can also turn to your friends and other parents. Learning from other experience is always good idea. Some people like to turn to their parents for help, which also can be helpful. They raised you, and here you are, taking care of your own kid. Even though times are different now, they will surely have some advice to give.

In order to improve parenting skills, parents must spend a lot of time with their children, teach them, motivate them, and give them examples. Involve yourself in their education, both in school and out school activities, share their interests and get them interested in useful hobbies. If your child is well educated, better job he will have tomorrow, and if he has a hobbies, less time he well have to get into a trouble.

Develop positive discipline skill, with the goal to have respectful and responsible child, who can be trusted. Avoid violent and verbal abuse to avoid undermining your child’s self-esteem.

Teach your child about saving and spending money. Control and limit your child’s spending, no matter how much you can afford and want to give to your child. Children need to learn about values and that money does not fall from sky. If you just give to your child whatever he wants, without conditions, he might have problems when he becomes adult when he actually has to earn everything he wants. Staff