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November 2007

Identifying the troubled teenager

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Who is considered the troubled teen?  There are many indications to tell if your teenagers has gone from a good child to a bad seed. Of course, it is your job as parents to notice them. Most parents usually fail to observe the early signs. A troubled teenager is mostly moody and overreacting over situations that could be provoking. The kid could be really depressed at one time and really active the next time, then before you knew it, he or she is throwing tantrums days later. Frequent emotional outbursts could be a primary symptom.

Most troubled teens ignore rules and defy authority. They skip school and lie about there whereabouts. They are good at manipulating their parents and even their teachers.

An instant change of friends is another sign. Troubled teenagers usually lose the good friends, and then gain popularity among the “bad kids” as their behavior gets worse.

Stealing money from parents and family members can also become an alarming sign.

Their grades are going down, while losing interest not just in school but in learning new things.

Sleeping too much or less can also be a sign of trouble. Staff