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February 2011

How to Develop Good Parenting Skills – Alabama Parents Guide

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Good parenting skills are developed over the years of practicing. Every one of us actually have the skills to become a good parent, it is just the matter of using them. We are to choose a parenting style of approach and techniques we will use to raise our children.

Here are some of the parenting skills and advices recommended by Alabama professionals:

- Love and affection – A child needs to know that you love him. Keep telling them that, and keep on showing it, by supporting them and being warm to them. Spend a lot of quality time together and try to be available to them as much as you can.
- Role modeling – In order to teach your children right from wrong and how to be well behaved, you need to show some manners too. Do not swear in front of them and restrain from anger. Be honest to them and others, and keep in mind that they are always watching you, following your examples.
- Be consistent and realistic – if your child does something wrong, punish him. But do it immediately and don’t change your mind, or you will create undesired effect. Try to measure punishment and be fair, and let him know why you punished him.
- Acknowledge – Praise your children and reword them when deserted, in a same way you punish them. Count their voice when ever you can and let them know that their opinion matters, too. 
- Relationship – Maintain a healthy relationship with your partner and respect other members of your family. If your family doesn’t leave in Alabama, visit them and contact them when you can. Teach them that family does matter. This may improve connection between your children, if you have more.
- Learning and education – promote learning, activities in and outside school, help them with homework. Help them pick a hobby that suits them, but don’t push them into something just because you like it.
- Independence – Your children, especially as they get older, need to feel independent. One of the toughest skills is to balance independence and control. To much control leads to rebellion and spite, but on the other hand, they need their freedom as every one of us. Too much freedom may let them fly too high, or even mislead them to thinking that parents do not care enough about them
- Health and safety – Make sure your child lives a healthy life. Point out the importance of a proper nutrition and regular exercise, create good habits. Take safety precautions and monitor child’s activities. You should know your child’s friends and how they spend their time together.
- Planning ahead – A good parent is not caught surprised often. Try to be prepared for problems and situations that may happen. You are your child’s provider so try to have some savings on a side, if you can. Think through what would happen if…
- Expectations and responsibilities – Let your children know what you expect from them, to increase chances of something being done. You may even write it down, or make parent-child contract. Teach them that they have rights, but also responsibilities.
- Religion – Support religious or spiritual development. Participate in such activities. If you are a believer, take your children to church with you. There are a lot of church communities in Alabama, so this should not be a problem. Staff