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May 2008

Hippies and drugs

by Staff, on drugs, hippies, marijuana, teen issues, teenagers and drugs, troubled teenagers

Hippies are a major part of modern American history and culture. They played, and are probably still playing, a big role in the arts, music, fashion and the overall contemporary culture. Since the 1960's hippies have existed as a counterculture of the mainstream population, but that doesn't mean that they are not widely accepted in the normal society.

One of the most popular traditions of being a hippie is the use of drugs to "explore consciousness". Drugs such as cannabis more popularly known as marijuana and LSD, a hallucinogenic drug, are two of the favorites in hippie culture. Even now that the whole hippie scene has diminished into an obscure idea that teenagers read about in books and magazines, their influence, specially in the use of drugs are still apparent. Staff