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November 2010

Helping Your Teen Deal With Stress

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It can be very easy to perceive a child’s life as carefree without worries, but it is far from being like that, our children can also experience stress and stressful situations on the same levels as we do, but some of them still don’t have a proper defense mechanism. We all know that school and social interaction can be very stressful for teens, especially peer pressure and difficult school activities. There is no way that any of us can prevent our children from experiencing stress, we can diminish some sources of stress, but the best way to help our children deal with stress is to teach them how to cope with stress and to provide support.

Positive parenting offers a great way to teach your children about coping and dealing with stress. By providing a role model example to your kids you will have a great impact on their ability to deal with stress, what we mean by that is being a positive role model for your teen children.

As you can’t forbid your child to go to school and as you can’t monitor your teen 24/7 there is no way for you to prevent your teen from experiencing stress. What you should do instead is form a positive mutual relationship where you can openly talk to your teen. This way your child will be comfortable talking to you about his or her problems, so you can provide a word of wisdom or support when needed. You can be the pillar backbone they stand when they are having a hard time, but also encourage your teens to confide in their sibling and friends. After all, there are simply some things they will never tell us or simply feel uncomfortable talking about. They also need someone with whom they can share even those thoughts, and that someone better be someone you know and approve of.

We as parents have a hard time whenever our teens are going through a hard time and it is very difficult to watch them unhappy. But trying to fix every one of their issues will not help; they need to learn to cope with their problems as we won't by there 20 years from now to solve their issues. We need to teach our children how to solve their problems, we need to teach them how to express themselves, how to calm things down and most of all how to get back on their feet when they fall down.

Our duty is not to solve each and every one of their problems. It is to teach them how to solve their problems on their own. By teaching our teens stress coping strategies and problem solving methods we are preparing our children to deal and manage stress in the future. Staff