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July 2008

Help for Nymphos

by Staff, on Help for Nymphos, Nympho, sex addict, sex addiction, Sex Addicts Anonymous

It would be rare to find a sex addict who would volunteer the information about his or her state. Chances are, that person would be in denial that he or she is indeed having an addiction. More often than not, having the sex addict admit to his or her addiction is the first step towards that person's healing, because only the acceptance that a treatment and an intervention is necessary would force him or her to address his or her problem.

Is it possible to cure sex addiction? Yes, the answer to that question is on the affirmative. The patient ideally has to undergo a particular treatment that would help in controlling the addiction as well as to gear that person towards a healthy sexuality. Since sexual addiction is not a very uncommon problem, more and more people have been exerting efforts to help those who are afflicted with this particular type of disorder. Such are the people who came up with Sex Addicts Anonymous. For those who want to seek help, the Sex Addicts Anonymous offers a 12-step recovery program that can help those with Sexual Addiction to deal with their disorder. Staff