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January 2010

Health benefits of dieting

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Having a healthy diet not only gives your body nutrition and energy that is necessary for proper functioning, it has several health benefits. Other benefits are that a healthy diet lets you manage your weight and lets you enjoy your life. A healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables, fiber, whole grains, essential fats, and several minerals.

Eating healthy shields you against different diseases. Our bodies are meant to ingest different nutrients to be disease-free and these nutrients are only found in a balanced diet. These diseases include heart diseases, hypertension, high blood pressure, and diabetes, among others. As an illustration, most heart diseases occur when cholesterol blocks blood vessels, meaning the heart cannot perform optimally. The obstruction also leads to stroke which occurs when the brain cannot get enough oxygen. Cholesterol is accumulated over many years, but healthy foods do not have cholesterol.

Eating a healthy diet is a way of treating different diseases. This means you do not need a doctor for some diseases – medicines cause side effects because they are made from synthetic substances. Diabetes is a common disease that is causes by low or high blood sugar. However, eating the right diet gives the body the right amount, and the right type, of sugar. Constipation can also be treated by eating the right diet that has fiber.

Eating healthy boosts your energy levels. This is important in that your body is able to take much more exercises. Exercising is important because it burns excess calories and fats that are stored by the body. Exercise releases endorphins which are important in curing physical pain and mental pain. Exercising is important in preventing almost all common diseases.

Eating healthy improves your body’s immunity. Our bodies are supposed to have a strong immune system and some people go for years without medical intervention. However, eating the wrong diet reduced the body’s immune system and opens the door for opportunistic infections.

When you intake a healthy diet, you will get a healthy weight. This is important because there are many diseases associated with being overweight and obese. These include heart diseases and diabetes. If you are currently overweight or obese, eating the right diet helps you lose the extra weight in a healthy way.

Eating the right diet helps you sleep better at night. This has health benefits because bad sleeping habits lead to psychological problems and physical problems. This is because our bodies reboot while we sleep.

Eating the right diet lets you enjoy life more. This is important because it prevents depression and reduces stress levels. Depression and stress are actual diseases that cost patients a lot of money and anguish each year.

When pregnant women take a healthy diet, it guarantees the health of the unborn baby and the mother. This is because the unborn child ingests what the mother does. A healthy diet also leads to fewer complications and less pain during childbirth. With a healthy diet, women are able to produce the right amount of red blood cells and the immunity goes up. It is never too late to start, read turning back the clock: adopting a healthy lifestyle. Staff