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January 2010

Harmful effects of common drugs

by Staff, on addiction, alcohol abuse, blood pressure, cancer, depressants, drugs, ecstasy, effects, heart, heartbeat, liver, lung, marijuana, problems, risk, stimulants, stomach, teens, tobacco smoke

Some of the common drugs that teens are involved in are alcohol, marijuana, heroine, cocaine, crack, amphetamines, methamphetamines, ecstasy, PCP, mushrooms, steroid, tobacco, Lysergic Acid Diethyl amide or LSD, Ritalin, and designer drugs. There are other drugs you should look at through this link. All teens and parents should know the facts – these drugs have side effects, even when taken in small quantities.

Although different drugs have different effects on the body, some of the effects are similar. Almost all drugs destroy the immune system. This is dangerous because it exposes you to opportunistic diseases such as influenza and other infections.

Most drugs slow down your metabolism and this means you will feel hungry less often. This leads to problems associated with lack of enough nutrition such as weakening of the bones and osteoporosis.

Drugs that teens take are either stimulants such as ecstasy, or depressants, such as alcohol. Stimulants have the effect of increasing the blood pressure and heartbeat and this can lead to stroke or heart attacks. On the other hand, depressants lower the blood pressure and heartbeat and this slows down your reaction time other problems.

All drugs affect organs – the most susceptible organs are the lungs, the stomach, the heart, the brain, the kidney, and the liver. This is because these drugs release toxins to these organs and it can lead to various cancers.

Other effects common to most drugs are poor skin tone, anemia, loss of concentration and other mental disorders, increased risk of getting involved in risky sexual behavior, increased risk of being a victim of a crime, addiction, financial ruin, and destruction of friendships and other relationships.

Alcohol is abused by millions of kids, but the long term effects are very devastating. Abuse of alcohol leads to health problems such as brain damage and other mental problems, mouth and throat cancer, cirrhosis of the liver which can cause liver cancer, high blood pressure which can lead to heart attack or stroke, arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, lung collapse and pneumonia, stomach ulcers and internal bleeding, stomach and colon cancer, impotence in men and infertility in women, and weight gain, among other effects. Alcohol abuse also has other effects such as bad skin, breakage of relationships, financial ruin, and being susceptible to crimes such as rape and mugging.

Another of the most common drugs that is abused by teens is marijuana. This also goes by the name weed, reefer, dope, pot, grass, and herb. Over time, the drug causes impaired comprehension, it alters the sense of time, it leads to intense anxiety attacks, it causes bloodshot eyes and dry mouth, and it leads to difficulty in speaking and listening, among other negative effects. You should join the Drug Policy Alliance to help fight this and other drugs.

Tobacco is another common drug that is abused by teens. Tobacco is contained in cigarettes and cigars and it can cause addiction this is usually very difficult to fight, it causes lung cancer, heart diseases, larynx, bladder, pancreas, and mouth cancer, spontaneous abortion, chronic bronchitis, and low birth wait if taken by pregnant women. Note that secondary tobacco smoke is just as dangerous as primary tobacco smoke. Staff