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April 2011

Guide for Disciplining Louisiana Teenagers

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When parents have their firstborn, they are usually confused and unsure of what they should do exactly. Soon, they learn their routine and raise their child properly. Some parents from Louisiana feel the same when their baby grow up and become a teenager. It seems that a child changed over the night and forgot everything he has been taught.

Parents need to change their approach toward kids when they are trying to discipline teenagers. As your child is not a little kid anymore, he or she will have different needs and desires. Mistakes they make will have greater consequences and they will more get in serious trouble. They will wide the boundaries of the world they wish to explore and sometimes it will seem like there is nothing you can do to stop them.

You will need to change some ground rules in order to discipline your teenager. You will give him more freedom then before, but you will also give him more responsibilities. Get your teen to help around the house, have him or her involved in some out school activity  and try to get him interested in reading books… Anything that will keep your child focused away from trouble making.

You should still punish your teens, just like when they were younger, when they earn. Measure your sentence and don’t exaggerate. If your teen broke curfew, don’t ground him for a month, it would not seem fair. Give your kid a chance to see the mistake. Next time, if he repeats the same mistake, then prolong the punishment, and so on… This way, your kid will know what is to follow, and think twice before he or she disobeys you.

Rewording is just as much important for disciplining teenagers, and can function the same way. Don’t buy your teen a car for something he did that is almost applied, or give him a simple tap on a back and “thank you” if he did something really important and put an effort into it. This way we teach our kids that every action has appropriate consequences, just like in the real world. Preparing kids for the real world is the point of disciplining them, as teens are almost adults.

Sometimes, teens and stubborn and impolite, they often start raging and change their temper all of a sudden. It is important that you stay calm and don’t get into fight, it won’t resolve anything. Often, when this happen, many Louisiana parents say something they don’t mean, or punish their child much harder then they really meant to.

This can have other bad consequences, especially if it happens often, and reduce the harmony in a family. Try to keep your head cool, calm yourself and your teen down and talk about the problem. You can choose your punishment later, when you are able to be more objective. You can even try to let your kid choose his own punishment, to see if he understood the problem. Of course, you don’t necessary have to agree and you can punish him on your in a way you think it is appropriate. Staff