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February 2011

Frequently Asked Question about Parenting in California

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Parents that ask questions are good parents. As they say, there are no stupid questions, especially from parents concerned for benefit of their children. Therefore, you should ask for everything you need to know or you are not sure of, that will help you with raising your children.

Here are some questions that parents from California are usually asking:

- How to be a good parent?
There is no one simple answer, or one right way to raise children. Just by showing concern you are already showing that you are, or try to be a good parent for your children. Some general tips are:
    - Love and show that you love your children, every day, by words and physical attention. Hug and kiss them, and never hit them.
    - Spend time with your children, by doing things you all like together. Find some outdoor activities, teach them to ride a bike or throw a ball, or read and watch tv together, help them with their homework.
    - Praise your children. Tell them that you are proud of them. Don’t ignore their achievements and share their joy with them.
    - Criticize their behaviors, not them. Never tell them they are bad, or stupid, only warn them and let them pay attention next time, explaining them what did they do wrong.

- Who to ask when in need of help raising my children?
Help is everywhere. Consult with your own parents and experienced family members and friends. Read books on parenting or visit internet sites. Sign up for a parenting class. Visit a counselor, priest or family doctor. Never be embarrassed to ask.

- Am I a bad parent because I lost my temper and spanked my child?
Many other parents from California loose their temper with their children, but that doesn’t make them bad ones. Still, do not take your anger on your child. There are better disciplining measures than spanking. When you feel very angry just take a break and relax. If you get angry with your child every day, maybe you should seek help or advice.

- How to keep my children out of trouble?
These questions are usually connected with drugs and alcohol, or small crimes like pickpocketing. The answer is in prevention and teaching them on time. Kids today get familiar with drug abuse in very early age, and there is a possibility that your kid already know more about that than you, certainly more than what you knew when you were a teen. Take him to a counselor and do everything you can to teach about bad influence and consequences of unhealthy leaving and non honest behaving. Teach your children about moral values as soon as you take them out of cradle and give them positive examples.

A lot of parents from California have child custody questions.  Best interest of child (assuring the health, safety and welfare) is major factor in child custody determination, but child’s wishes are also considered if the child is at reasonable age and maturity. Staff