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November 2010

Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy is an ever present issue in the world, with the US being at the top with almost 1,000,000 teen pregnancies each year. The teen birth rate was falling down until 2005 and since then it has shown a steady increase making it again a troublesome issue. The effects of teenage pregnancy are many, most of them due to the fact that a low number of future teen mothers ask for parental care or delay it until the last moment. That is backed up by the fact that 85% of all teen pregnancies are unplanned, and over 7% of them receives no care at all.

In most cases this is due to the fear of their parents and family accepting the fact that their teens are pregnant, these kids are afraid to tell their parents. Not only that, some teens live in denial about their pregnancy until it is too late. Most teens unfortunately don’t know that each state has one or more health care institutions that provide very affordable care with guaranteed confidentiality.

Since there is no parental care teen mothers are at great risk. In most cases they fail to get enough nutrients which don’t only lowers their health but it creates a significant risk for the baby as well as a high chance of low birth weight. For those that don’t know, low birth rate is associated with high rate of infant mortality and childhood disorders. In some cases these babies have partially developed organs and in most cases that results in brain bleeding, intestinal problems as well as respiratory problems. 

Children of teen mothers often receive fewer nutrients than needed, they don’t have proper health care, and they lack proper social and cognitive stimulation, all of that can result in the possibility of underdeveloped intellect.

Effects of teenage pregnancy are not just pointed towards the health of the mother and the baby, these teens are far more likely to end up poor and have their children grow up in poverty. That results in increased risk of health issues, higher abuse rates, neglect, low academic achievement, and also leads to a repeated cycle of teen pregnancy. Also leads to inappropriate parenting as these teens were not yet ready to become parents, as such their children are more likely to engage in criminal activities, acts of delinquency, and have failed relationships.

Teen mothers usually never finish high school, let alone enter a college, so the lower level of education doesn’t allow them to get a proper job or be prepared for the parenting that is ahead of them. Their career options are more than limited.

The risk factors for teenage pregnancy are poverty, low school performance, having a mother who gave birth as a teen, single parenting household etc.… Another effect of teenage pregnancy is the social effect on the entire country, and financial. Teen pregnancies are becoming a great burden on the public health as well. But on the other hand, teens that talk to their parents in the beginning and take care of their pregnancy the right way mostly finish high school and end up becoming good parents. In the end the effects of teenage pregnancy are still far too many for us to recognize all of them and address each one in full. Staff