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November 2010

Effective Parenting – Road to Discipline

by Staff, on at risk youth, effective parenting, self-discipline, teen discipline, teen parenting, teen self-discipline

Self-discipline is one thing that children obtain with difficulty; the only way to get to self-discipline is through effective parenting. Effective parenting will make sure that they self-discipline issue is taken care of by teaching their children about interrupting others, not controlling their mouth and being generally wild. But these are all the things to be expected of a small child, after all they are impulsive, but a teen child is another matter. So let’s make sure our teens know very well what self-discipline is and let’s do that through effective parenting.

Here are a few easy steps that will ultimately lead to self-discipline; these are the actual examples of effective parenting in action. So the first thing you need to teach your child is to come when he is called. Instead of yelling “what” throughout the house you need to learn them to stop what they are doing when you call them and come over to speak with you.

One thing you need to work on is your child’s attitude when he or she is being corrected. Most kids will respond negatively to correction, but if you manage to teach them to respond in a positive manner you will not only be promoting their self-discipline but you will be teaching them how to accept their mistakes and learn from them. But like correcting and punishing a child you also need to praise them when they do something right that is worth of praise.

The next step is to encourage your children to take part in disciplines that will increase their self-discipline, like sports. Let them pick a sport they like, don’t force them into taking anything, let this one be their choice and support them through their activities. Team sports are a great way to learn self-discipline. If your children manages to get some reward, like a medal or a payment for his part time job, don’t talk about the reward too much. Praise him about it of course, but what you should focus on is praising the characteristics of your child that led to that reward, like getting up early in the morning each day to practice instead of playing games all night.

Make sure that you create a rule system based on rights and privileges. A simple routine like getting up on time can bring your children some privileges while failing to get up at the designated time will remove a privilege. It is a very simple process that works and teaches children about self-discipline and responsibility, this is the basic principle of effective parenting.

Self-discipline will help your children succeed late in life, so don’t spoil them, this is not for their own good. Spoiled children are not happy. We tend to do that because we want to provide our kids with things we didn’t have while growing up, but that shouldn’t be done on the cost of their character and their growth. Make sure to know the priorities of raising a child, what we do we need to do for their sake and their future, so pick up your self-discipline and teach your kids about it, that is what effective parenting is all about. Staff