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March 2010

“Look at me, I need your help”: Teen Suicide

by Staff, on depression, guns, psychiatrist, suicidal tendency, suicide, support groups, Teen suicide, teenage issue

Being a parent with a teenager child, they are mostly concern with many things, because of the fact that teenager years usually surrounded with temptations or problems. Parents with teens in the family usually fret that their child might use drugs, smoke, depression, sex, grades and other more things that their child might do. But what is more very alarming is the status and prevalence of teen suicide nowadays.

You will be able to get further information on teen suicide and teen suicide facts from teen suicide articles and other sources. Sources and support groups are also available online that would help teens and their parents in facing teen suicide. There are many teens out there that commit suicide when they feel that they have no way out from their problems in life. But for others, suicide is their only way to get attention from the society that overlooked them. It their way of saying “look at me, I need help!”

As a parent, teen suicide must be taken seriously since this situation might put your child in a dangerous situation or it may end their life. Make certain that you do whatever it takes to prevent your child from doing it. If you notice your child becomes depressed and suicidal, you need to act immediately and try to talk to him/her of what’s bothering him/her.

Moreover, knowing how to prevent suicide is what the best thing that we can do. To prevent suicide we must know the reason why the child is sad and depressed. By knowing this we will be able to prevent more teen suicide. Keeping the child busy and pre occupied is also the other way of preventing the child from committing suicide. And more importantly make sure that you boost the self- esteem of your child.

If you notice your child is with suicidal tendencies, get immediate help from a professional on this field for example a psychiatrist. If your child has suicidal tendencies, do not leave things anywhere, things that can be use to hurt themselves like guns or other weapon, pills or medications. Do not also leave a suicidal teen alone in their house, he/ she must be given observation at all times.

As a parent, always have a good relationship with your child especially with teens. Always have an open line of communication with them. Try to understand what they are going through and be more empathic. Staff