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August 2010

Dyslexia, A Disorder That Doesn’t Choose

by Staff, on at risk blog, at risk youth, brain disorder, dyslexia, kids with dyslexia, reading problems, speech impediment

Have you ever heard about dyslexia, do you know what it is. Most of the people have heard about dyslexia, but most of those people have a wrong idea what dyslexia is. They think that it is a mental disorder and that the children with dyslexia have a learning disorder and other mental problems, while in fact dyslexia is just a problem where kids have a hard time spelling and reading, even the most intelligent kids can have dyslexia. This is a problem that simply doesn’t choose, here is what kids with dyslexia usually struggle with:

-    Understanding the way and the process in which speech sounds make up the words we speak

-   Low focus on printed and written letters and words

-   Connecting speech sounds to the written letters

-   Pronouncing words in a smooth fashion

-   Difficulty controlling their eye movement when reading

-   Comparing new ideas with something they already know

-   Storing those ideas into their memory

When you consider it this way we do run a few complicated processes at the same time, so kids can get confused, and most kids with dyslexia are dealing with the first few listed problems. For some of them it is a long process getting to the last item on the list.

This is not about intelligence, the fact that these kids and grownups even have such problems is because of their brain, it doesn’t have the capacity to connect letters and sounds the way most of us do. Most of the kids with dyslexia have a hard time separating speech sounds; trying to make a kid with dyslexia spell out a word is like torture for that kid. With that in mind you can imagine how hard it is for those kids to form a long word and pronounce it.

In most cases kids with dyslexia cannot separate words from each other and a simple sentence like “I took a dog for a walk” may sound like “I to oka dog fo rawalk. Or something similar to that.

A child with dyslexia needs to have a special form of education. If you provide him with normal education that child will never learn how to read or speak properly. But there are methods for teaching kids with dyslexia to rise above that problem.

Before you decide on the special education method for dyslexia for your child you first need to get him evaluated in order to determine the level of the speech impediment. In most cases there are already special education methods that will work, but most schools can come up with a new plan designed for your child and his needs.

You have to understand that dyslexia is not a disease, and as such there is no cure, but with proper methods kids can learn to overcome their speech impediment. This is a long and hard process, so the support of the family is absolutely needed at all times. Staff