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March 2011

Drug Abuse among Texas Youth is a Big Problem

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There is a great problem in Texas – more and more teenagers are involved in problems with drug abuse. It is a compulsion to take drugs in order to experience mental satisfaction. At first, it is an emotional state, which later usually involve into a physical addiction, as well.


Drug abuse is not just the problem for abusers or their family. The problem affects the whole society, as the teenager with drug problem will become instable - mentally, socially and financially – and will often cause other problem, like selling drugs to other kids or steel money to buy drugs.


There can be many reasons why would a teenager abuse drugs: bad parenting or simply weak control by parents, child abuse, peer pressure, stress, looking up to idols, the availability of the drugs… The list is very long.


Sometimes teens just want to try it, to see what is all that about, truly believing they will never do it again. Some of them keep the promise, but unfortunately, majority does not. They will do it again several times, not realizing the moment when they loose control over their behavior. Before they know it, our teens have a problem with their drug abuse.


Teens from Texas like to experiment with different types of drugs, some less dangerous and so addictive, bur there are examples of abusing highly dangerous drugs, like heroin and cocaine. Usually, teens first start with accessible alcohol and cigarettes, or over the counter drugs, but soon they want to try something stronger.


Most popular drug for teens has always been, and still is, marijuana, hallucinogenic stimulant, which seems like harmless drug to teens, but in reality, it can be very dangerous, like any other drug when used on regular basis.


What Texas youth doesn’t realize is that drugs only create an illusion of pleasant experience, but it really just mess up with a young mind and body. Some drugs will also give you hangover, as alcohol does, and make you feel bad when the effect is gone. This can be a reason why would a teenager take drugs again.


On a longer run, drug effects will no longer be fun, as the body get used to it. When teenagers are not satisfied any more with the type and amount of drugs they consume, instead of forgetting it and find something else to enjoy in, they increase the quantity or take some stronger drug, or they mix drugs with other types, and/or alcohol.


Drug abuse is a problem that many parents from Texas are not aware. They trust their children, and can’t even believe that their kids would be capable of doing such thing. When they become aware of possibility, it already may be too late.


In order to prevent drug abuse among Texas youth, parents should educate themselves, learn about drug abuse signs and talk to their children on the topic, trying to take at least some control. We all want to think that these problems happen only to someone else, but in reality, they could easily happen to us, as well. Staff