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March 2011

Do You Have Signs of Bad Parenting – Question for New York Parents

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Bad parenting is main thing that creates bad behavior in children. Most of the parents from New York are good, loving parents, but unfortunately – not all of them are. These parents put their children at risk of living an undisciplined life, with many psychological scars from their childhood.

There are many signs of bad parenting. Parents are to study as many of them as they can, so they could learn how to avoid them. It is not easy being a parent in New York and making mistakes is a normal thing for every human being, but bearing this signs in mind can prevent bad parenting. Accusing of being a bad parent, especially from your own child can be one of the hardest accusations you will ever face.

Disregarding your children too often, ignoring their needs and wishes, is a sign number one. Leaving them unsupervised or unprotected is also a sigh. When you have little children, you always have to keep one eye on them. Do not leave them alone and do not leave them with people you do not trust or do not know.

Avoid to misbehave in front of your children. Shouting and using insulting and rude words in front of your children increases the chances that they will also act like this. If you think your little kid’s swearing is cute – it is not. It is impolite, shows rude manners and can get you in embarrassing situations, as your child will not learn that it is ok to use vulgar words only when you let him and when you think it is funny.

Making decisions for your children lightly and without a lot of thinking usually results in bad judgment, which can seriously reflect your child’s life in the future. Even if you think it is not such a big deal, it may be a very big one for your child.

Parents make mistakes, but children do to. As we expect to be forgiven, we should also learn to forgive our children. Yelling at kids for every little thing is a sign of bad parenting. Parents in New York are often very busy and frustrated by their work, so they get home nervous or angry. Don’t take it out on your children. Don’t make them feel like they did something wrong and don’t punish them for something they didn’t even do.

Calling your children bad names and make them feel worthless is one of the worst things you can do. Some parents keep on insisting on their children getting better, improving in school or other activities, making them proud… They do all this without offering any help or building a model. This way you show your children that it is actually about you, not about them. You must never tell or show your kid that he or she is not important enough to you. You must never break your child's heart. Staff