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April 2011

Do Massachusetts Parents Show Signs of Bad Parenting?

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When we see a child with bad behaving, normally we blame the parents. It isn’t always the case, but mostly it is – bad kids come from bad parents. Not every parent has prepared for being one, which is not a problem when he or she is willing to work on parenting skills. Problem occurs when a parent doesn’t want to be a good one.

Neglecting responsibilities of parenthood is a clear sign of bad parenting, and it is a type of child abuse. It doesn’t necessarily has to be physical abuse. Ignoring child’s needs or putting him into dangerous situations, leaving him without supervision, making him feel worthless, calling him names, not showing love – all this can leave deep psychological scars for life.

Many parents from Massachusetts did not plan their kids and unfortunately, some of them are not scared to show their regret. Can you imagine how painful this can be for a child? Every child needs to feel love and feeling opposite can create emotionally unstable person. It is very possible that this child will develop fear of connecting with others and will not be able to trust others.

Bad parents give bad examples, like drinking and swearing in front of their children, or even encourage this type of behavior with their kids. Even if and when they see the problem, they just ignore it, often put their children in adult situations and don’t even try to help their kids with problems or back up pretty soon.

Some parents think that they can by their kids affection. This is also bad parenting. Sometimes it happens when parents are divorced and compete for their child. Parents should never fight their battles over their own children. They can only heart them this way. If parents have disagreements, they should left kids aside.

Even too much love and affection can be signs of bad parenting, meaning that if your kid is used to get everything he or she wants, then you have yourself a spoiled child, which will have difficulties later in life, when as an adult has to earn everything. Teach your kids that they can only get things they want and are not necessary when they earn them. If they misbehave, you can take these things away as a punishment.

Violence and putting fear into your kids may seem to work for you, as they do everything you want, and they are well mannered at home. However, how do they behave outside? We also consider this a sign of bad parenting, as you teach your children that violence is appropriate way to get what you want.

If you have any of this signs, perhaps it is time to ask yourself should you not change the way of parenting your kid. Perhaps you don’t see anything wrong in the way you act now, but results will show later, and will be negative to you and your child. Bad parenting will bring you more problems than you can imagine. Staff