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February 2011

Disciplining Teenagers Tips – Arkansas Teen Problems

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There is this old, true saying: Little kids, little problems – big kids, big problems. Parents in Arkansas feel this on their own skin every day. Avoid this problems getting even bigger by disciplining your teenagers on time. As soon as they enter teen age, and everything begins to change for them, their behavior will start changing, too. You can be surprised how your well raised chilled, that never caused a single mayor problem, turned into a rebelled teenager over night.

Don’t blame yourself, as this can be perfectly normal. It is a phase that we all went through. Do not ask yourself what did you do wrong, as it was probably nothing, but ask what can you do not to make mistake from now on, too. As your children go through changes, you will also have to change ways of discipline. “Don’t treat me like a child” sounds familiar? Well, they are actually right, just not entirely in the way they mean it.

The difference between child and teen discipline is that there are many more things, on much serious matters you need to teach them, and they are much less like to listen to you. Still, don’t forget, if they are not listening, they are still watching. You have to be even greater roll-model now then before, if you don’t want to hear “if you can do it, I can do it” too often. Example is one of the most important things in disciplining teenagers.

So, one of the firsts thing you should do is getting familiar with teen problems in Arkansas and talk with your teen about them, watching over that he or she don’t get involved in some trouble. If you have trouble, you can always find some guidance or counseling.

Some of new topics you should discuss with your teens are:

- Money – teach (and show) them how to rationalize expenses
- Internet behavior and gaming – don’t let them play too much games, this is not healthy for teens. Watch over their computer and internet use.
- First-aid –violence is on the rise on the Arkansas streets, you never know when your teen will be in a situation help somebody or even himself. Better safe then sorry
- Sex education – this is the age of first exploring of human body, in a sexual way. Do not be embarrassed to discus it with your child.
- Violence – there are bullies in every school. Try to find out if your child is bullied, or is he bullying someone. Avoid using of violence at home, and never hit your child, as it will conclude that violence is normal solution to a problem.
- Drug abuse – kids in Arkansas like to experiment. Try to educate your child about negative effect of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

A lot of ways of disciplining teenagers remain the same as when they were little kids. Rewards are for achievements, punishments are for faults, which need to be well measured. Everything must come with an explanation. Patience is a virtue. They say they are not babies, but they still need love and hugs, even though they might complain.

If you feel you can’t handle your teenager by your own, refer to some of the support groups, counselors or parenting support groups. Staff