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April 2011

Difficult Tasks for Maine Young Parents

by Staff, on difficulty, maine, parenting parents, TASKS, teenagers, teens

Teens today like to experiment with everything, especially with things they know they should not do - fast driving, alcohol, drugs and premature sex. Sexual education is present everywhere nowadays, but it seems it is not present enough or teens are too stubborn to pay nay attention.

Beside sexually transmitted diseases, there is also a risk of pregnancy. For many families from Maine it is more then just a risk, it became reality. In general, Maine does not have a high teen pregnancy rate, but it is considering that it is getting higher over the years and the goal is to get it lower and to stay that way.

In most cases, teen pregnancy is unintentional and young parents that do keep the baby and get married did not plan it in the first place. In addition, as young parents are not prepared for parenthood, their parents get double job - to take care of their kids and grandkids at the same time.

Young parents usually drop out of school, and have to take any kind of job. They are typically earn less and are at greater risk to for social and economical problems, together with their child. Single parenthood and divorces are more common with young parents, who soon realize that they live the life they do not want.

Everybody looses in this situation, young parents, their parents and most of all, their children. It is important that kids with kids understand that even though they made a mistake, it does not necessary has to be one, and that their kids can make them happy. They are most important now, more that anything else.

It does take a lot of sacrificing, though. Teens will have to finish their childhood at their moment, possibly forgetting all other plans and dreams they head. It may seem like the life is over for them, but hopefully they will soon change their mind, as they discover the joy of having kids.

Older parents should be there to help younger parents until they get used to new roll. It is not easy to transmit from child to parent all of the sudden. Government is helping too. Young parents can get support medical care for their kids in Maine. There is even a housing program. They can also get educational help from experts, about parenting and about laws and rights for parents.

All parents have a lot to learn, but children who unexpectedly became parents need to learn even more. They still did not finish their own education in school and outside of it, and plus they have to learn about parenting. They will have to work much harder, but at the end, it will all be worth it. Staff