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January 2010

Different cures for depression

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Depression is slowly becoming a global mental pandemic and it has different causes. Although man people do not view depression as a real disease, it is a disease and just like other diseases, it can be prevented and it has different cures. You should use a combination of different cures for the best results. You should seek medical advice before using a specific cure or when you are in deep depression.

One cure for depression, which is recommended by most doctors, is medication. The main medications for depression are antidepressants. These work by changing the brain’s chemical activity. However, antidepressants are a short-term control of depression and they do not deal with the root cause of the depression. Antidepressants are only effective when used together with self help and therapy.

You can cure depression through cognitive behavior therapy. Cognitive behavior therapy is done by a professional and with this therapy, you will change the way you react to situations that cause depression. This is an important therapy because it is usually a permanent cure.

Natural cures for depression are readily available, but you should be careful because some of the so called natural cures are untested and they are just a way for unscrupulous people to make money. Natural cures are better than medication such as antidepressants because the herbs are organic, meaning there are no side effects. The St. John’s wort is a common natural remedy for depression and it is even used in place of antidepressants in some countries such as Germany. However, it only cures mild forms of depression.

Revamping your diet is a good way of dealing with depression. This is because scientists have linked depression to refined carbohydrates and diets that are low in omega3-fatty acids. You should therefore replace processed foods with whole grains and you should eat salmon, tuna, or herring for omega 3 fatty acids.

Exercising is also a good depression treatment. This is not only because exercising boosts your self-esteem, but also because all forms of exercises release endorphins – these affect the level of mental and physical pain you are able to perceive.

Self help is a good way of dealing with depression because it deals with the root of the depression and not the symptoms. Self help involves getting support from friends, affirmations, increasing your self esteem, and reading self help books. For self help to be effective, you should be true to yourself, you should look at the present and avoid past regret and worrying about the future, and you should focus on what is working for you and not what is pulling you back. This is the most inexpensive depression cure.

A few minutes of meditation every day will help with your depression. This is because medication will help you put things into perspective and it will calm your mind if it is too busy with worry. There are no rules to meditation and all you need is a few silent minutes every day and some practice on clearing your mind. Staff