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November 2010

Dealing with Rebellious Teens

by Staff, on at risk youth, dealing with rebellious teens, rebellious teenagers, rebellious teens, teen rebellion

The teen years present the crossroad stage for children; these are the years when they gradually turn into adults. This is a very critical point in their life and as such it is normal for them to go through various physical and mental stages, so in other words, it is normal for teens to develop a rebellious and defiant behavior.

Teens reach a stage where they feel that they can no longer be treated as little kids, an in some cases they are right. Some parents simply fail to see the transitional period and continue to treat their teens as little kids; in return they get rebellious teens.

Since teens are just starting to figure out who they are, what they really like and who they want to be it is hard for them to accept all those changes. In return they start seeking independence from their parents. This is the stage where our teens gradually become separated from us and start having different thoughts and opinions, which is normal and should be supported in most cases. But in some cases teens become too addicted to independence and they become rebellious, and rebellious teens tend to be hard to deal with if not acted upon right away.

So how can we deal with our rebellious teens? Well first of all we need to show our support, they are in a transitional stage and they are more confused than they may look. They need our help and guidance to point them in the right direction and prevent bad things from happening. The first and the most important thing is to give our support to our children, no matter the circumstances.

Since there is a need for support there is also a need to show your teens that you love them and that you will do what is necessary to help them in any situation, Love and an ear or a shoulder to cry on can be the decisive factors in putting your rebellious teen back on the right path.

By listening to your teens, really listening to what they have to say, you will ensure that their trust in you is not misplaced. You need to be the person they will come to for help or your parenting life will be much harder. One thing that you really need to take advantage of is finding the right balance. Although your teens are no longer small children they are still far from being adults, so you need to stick to the same rules you set before. Well, some things may change with the years, but never let go of your authority, not for one second.

Although you need to keep your authority you also need to give your teens a certain amount of freedom, like what they are going to wear, or the music they listen to. Denying them choice in such matters will only make things worst. As things go they may make good and positive choices with the freedom you gave them, in those cases be sure to praise them and maybe even award them for their good decisions and actions.

These are simple things you can do to avoid dealing with a rebellious teenager, or to get your rebellious teen back to the light side of the force. Staff