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July 2010

Dealing with Addiction, What Types are there?

by Staff, on addiction types, at risk blog, at risk youth, dealing with addiction, drug addiction, types of addiction

There are a large number of teenagers dealing with addiction today; in fact over 60% of teenagers have some sort of addiction. Don’t get confused, we are not talking only about alcohol, drug or tobacco addiction, there are many more types of addictions. The biggest problem with other types of addiction is not knowing that you have one, it is much harder to notice than with drug addiction. Most of the people don’t realize that the currently most active type of addiction is internet addiction. People are addicted to social media sites like MySpace, twitter or Facebook. They are literally spending over 15 hours online looking at the monitor. Unfortunately there are many more types of addictions.

One of the most common types of addiction and what we have to worry about the most is alcohol addiction. Many experts on this subject actually consider alcoholism to be a disease, well; there are differences of opinion on this matter. Alcoholism is very unpredictable, someone may drink for years and years and realize he is addicted and someone will get addicted the first time tasting alcohol.
Of course there is the always infamous drug addiction and with each drug comes different side effects and problems so this is really a topic of its own that requires special attention. Drug addiction is the most serious one as it may lead to fatalities very fast.

But the two most widely spread addiction types are not alcohol or drug addiction, its caffeine and tobacco addiction. Caffeine addiction is not a myth as many believe; caffeine stimulates central nervous system and alters the state of the body, which makes it addictive. Tobacco on the other hand is considered as the biggest menace among addictive pleasures, it doesn’t matter if you don’t smoke, a person next to you might be smoking and ruining your health in the process.

Other less known types of addictions include food addiction. This addiction can lead to heavy and serious medical problems. There is also the previously mentioned internet addiction, in fact it seem to be very popular. When I say popular I mean the fact that no one cares, no one is worried about it, it’s like it doesn’t exist at all. The fact that it is addiction tells people that there is something wrong with it. For example, our social skills will degrade over time, real life social skills. Another thing I personally don’t like about hanging too much online is that people are destroying their language, its LOL this, BRB that or TTL, and I actually heard people saying that out loud.

Addictions are much like we said and some of them are not even being taken serious just because of how it sounds, like relationship addiction for example. Do you believe me when I say there is such a thing like a relationship addiction and that it can border with mental issues in some cases. This addiction doesn’t have to be about a single person, it’s just a thirst and hungry desire to be with someone, never to be alone. When you think about it most of us has those fears, but are we addicted?

That is not all; you have the shopping addiction, which is the one where husbands wake up in the morning to find their wallets empty. That goes for teenagers with girlfriends, be careful, this is a really serious addiction that may cost you a lot of money. There are many more types of addictions, the fact is that we don’t recognize most of them and we don’t even want to admit that some of them exist, but at the same time we are supposed to fight them? That is really hard, first educate yourself than judge, if you can that is. Staff