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March 2010

Cyber-bullying, New Threat for Teens

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We all know that bullying is one of the biggest problems our teenagers go through in school. Well, most of us know, unfortunately some of us are proud parents of children that do the bullying and close a blind eye to that. That needs to stop, because teenagers are getting more sensitive and at the same time bullying is getting harsher. The consequences of bullying are not just children that isolate them from society, which is also intolerable, but much worse than that, teenagers are committing suicide because they can’t handle the pressure. To make things even worse the bullies have evolved, now they use even internet for bullying people, which is called cyber-bullying.

Cyberbullying is different from cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking, those two are used by adults and they mostly involve sexual harassment. Cyberbullying is when a teen or a preteen harasses, bullies, spreads lies, or does anything to hurt another teen or preteen via internet or mobile phones. The worst part about it is that children that had no involvement with bullies nor did they show violent behavior in school are taking part in cyberbullying. It’s like an open invitation for anyone to tease others; unfortunately the newspapers have been full lately with talk about cyberbullies, full with talk about teens taking their own lives because they couldn’t take it anymore. What’s even worse is that cyberbullying continued even after their death, so that means that the children that are doing this are out of control and the internet addiction has spread to a whole new level.
The only way to help in this situation is to prevent, try and prevent it from happening. Cyberbullying prevention is the only way that means that you should avoid having anything to do with that kind of communication and should refuse to pass any form of cyberbullying messages. Also you need to prevent your friends from doing the same and you must report cyberbullying to a responsible adult. So basically you need to make people around you aware that this is bad, this is why we are writing this article, to create awareness of this rising problem and to appeal on you to take some actions.
The news is that the school boards and the states are thinking of a new law that will protect children from cyberbullying and in the first place to create a law about bullying at school. So be aware, after all that has happened lately a law will be issued where all bullies will be punishable by law. You need to keep in mind that after the January incident where a little girl took her life 9 criminal charges for bullying and cyberbullying were brought up. We appeal to you to do your part and prevent cyberbullying from happening. Staff