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April 2010

Communicating With Your Teen Child, a Long Forgotten Art

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Many teen problems start in their own home, unfortunately many parents won't admit that, so they blame it on the school, teachers, friends, but in the end parents need to take most of the responsibility. The reason why that is a fact is because parents have forgotten how to communicate with their children. As our kids are now part of the internet generation we were once a part of the MTV generation and we cause troubles for our parents, but they knew how to deal with us more or less, that bond and that knowledge seems to be disappearing.

Communicating with teens has always been a problem, but it’s something we must do in order to be apart of their lives and in order to help them when they need it. The first thing you need to do is learn how to talk to your teen child, that is if you forgot what it feels to sit down and have an honest conversation with your children. After that everything becomes easier to deal with, but the talking part can be sometimes incredibly difficult. That is if you let it get that way from the start, by connecting to your child from the early age you will have a chance to avoid that bridge when the teenager years come and the inevitable rebellion begins.
There are many different teen behavior patterns, some can be frightening, some can be alarming and some can be depressing, but with love and patience any parent can overcome them. Maybe I was wrong in saying that you first need to learn how to talk to your teen child, the first thing you need to do is listen to your child. That involves more than just taking some time to listen to what he or she has to say, you as a parent need to try and understand them and you also need to be aware of their social life, of their desires and their dreams. By knowing all that, by listening you will be able to talk to your child about those things and many other, that will give you the right tools to fight against many teenager behavior problems and other teen issues that might occur.
It is the parent’s responsibility to raise a child, the first step to dealing with your teenager is talking to him. So for those who forgot how it’s time to start learning the forgotten art of communication. Staff