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April 2011

Common Problems while Parenting Teenagers for Maine Parents

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When your child comes to teen age, many things will change in life of your family. New problems will appear, different habits will create, you will probably experience differences in a relationship with your kids… and for most Maine parents this is sudden and unexpected so soon.

Today, it seems that kids grow faster than before. They seem mature and smarter for their age, and very often get angry if you call them their kid. Mass communication and media does teach today’s children more than they are prepared to understand, so it is not strange that they think they are ready for the big world sooner than they actually are.

Parenting teenagers means a full time job and it is not an easy one, as there is a great deal of danger for your child out there. Today teens do not confront only the usual problems, when their body starts to change, and they have to treat their greasy skin, or have to learn how to deal with their sudden growth.

Problems of teens today reach bigger limits. Many Maine teen parents have to deal with addiction of their children, as drugs and alcohol are much more available today. There are dealers on the streets and in the clubs, even near schools, where you cannot monitor your kids. Teens, being curious by nature, are often tempted with this way of fun.

In order to save your kids from drug abuse problem, you need to work on prevention. First, give them examples, and don’t drink or smoke around them. Try not to keep alcohol in the house and lock your medicine cabinet. Have frequent and serious talks about drugs and consequences of its abuse.

You need to know more about drugs and other dangers then your kids do, as it is the case in Maine. Teens are usually more familiar with drugs, before parents even think that it can become the problem. “That can not happen to my kid” is what parents usually think. Talking to specialists on the subject may concern them and change their mind.

Premature sex and teen pregnancy is also a problem that parents often have to face, so talking about it is also a part of teen parenting. There are many examples of teen mothers who did not attend to have a child so soon. If parents teach their kids about all the sex risks, there is a chance that these cases will become rarer.

Of course, teens are stubborn, don’t want to listen and think they know the best. Usually, parents can’t handle them alone, so it is good that there are many specialists in teen parenting who can help. Staff