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September 2010

Choosing the Right Program for Your Troubled Teenager

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If you have a troubled teenager you probably are thinking of the right program to help your child. Well, before choosing and considering what programs will best suit your child you need to address the main concerns and the needs of your child, which will drastically narrow down the choice.

So what are the main concerns you need to pay attention to before you start thinking about the right programs for your troubled teenager? In most cases you need to separate the issues such as substance abuse, your teen running away from home or joining gangs. There are also issues like defiance and rebelling teens, the teens that have trouble with the law or have their grades falling and their school performance as well. Some kids are too impulsive that gets them in trouble, or have issues with social interaction and other social activities, maybe teens with emotional issues or narcissistic type of behavior.

These are all the type of issues you need to pay attention to and make a list of your child’s issues and according to that you can go program hunting. So now that you have the list of your teen’s issues the next step is to inform yourself of the troubled teen available programs, here is a short list of the ones your teen will probably have to go to.

The first choices on everyone’s mind are always therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. These programs have a wide choice of services for wide specter of teen issues, most parents go for them because teens can be enrolled without their consent and they simply cannot be expelled from these schools as they are meant to help the teen. But, this is not the main reason; the reason is that these programs offer group and individual therapy for their students as well as the 12 step programs. In most of these schools girls and boys are kept separate so you can have an all girls or all boys school if you prefer. Most of these programs are there to help your teen deal with his emotional issues and help him grow and the best part is that family involvement is greeted and welcome, as the end result these types of programs have a great overall success rate.

Well, side from boarding schools there are other types of programs to consider:


-      - Wilderness programs

-     -  Boot camps

-     -  Military schools

-      - Nonpublic Day Schools

-      - Outpatient and Day Treatment

-      - Summer camps


Once you decide on the program for your troubled teenager make sure that it is for the child’s best interest. Although it specialty boarding schools will accept a troubled teen without his acceptance it would be much easier for everyone if you could get your teen to come willingly, in the end, that will also increase the chances of success, which is what you want. Staff