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March 2011

Choose the Alcohol Treatment for Teens in California Very Carefully

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Alcohol is no less dangerous to teenagers then drugs. It is a great health risk to them, which leads to irresponsible behavior like drunk driving. Many times, when drunk, teenagers do stuff they wouldn’t otherwise do – like engage in early sexual intercourse. This can lead further to unwanted pregnancy.


Alcohol prevents normal brain development in teenagers. Early and constant exposure brain to alcohol may have negative effects later in life. Sooner the teenager starts drinking – greater the chances are that he or she will develop alcohol dependence. Sadly, many teens from California have the drinking problem and need alcohol treatment.


Almost 10% of people from California are alcoholics and most of them refuse treatment. Knowing this, parents should be very concerned about teen drinking. It is their responsibility to teach children about danger of alcohol. If, however, child already has the problem with alcohol, alcohol treatment is necessary, not only to treat the problem at a present, but also to reduce the possibility of future alcohol problems.


The first step is the hardest one. Teenagers don’t see alcohol as a threat, and they don’t believe that they actually need help. In many cases, parents also don’t seem such a big deal if their underage child takes occasional drink. With this attitude, they don’t just break the law, they are also increasing the chance of becoming alcoholic later.


Alcohol treatment for teens is easily accessible in California, as professionals are aware of the teen drinking problem. When you find out about your child’s problem, you should seek an opinion of some professional counselor, who will help you determine how big the problem is, and choose the right treatment.


Alcohol treatment doesn’t necessarily imply that your teen will have to spend time away from home, in some institution. It depends on the unique situation you and your teen are. Counselors may conclude that it is better that your child takes an outdoor treatment, but with harder cases, they may recommend in-door patient treatment.


Parents should also take their children to counseling, as teens respond very well to it, especially to group counseling, where they can support each other. They will learn problem-solving skills and stress management skills there, that will help them deal with alcohol issue.


Family counseling is also an important part of alcohol treatment, where both parents and children can learn how to deal with the problem together. It is also helpful in reuniting the family, as teens tend to withdraw from family members when they start drinking. Parents will learn how to deal with the teens’ behavior and react without anger.


Some teens may also need medication treatment, if they have been drinking heavily. This includes detoxification under medical supervision. They may also need medical attention, as alcohol may seriously damage their liver and health in general. Staff