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March 2011

Child Drug Abuse as a Worst Nightmare for New York Parents

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Among other problems that parents with teens have to face, child drug abuse may be the worst one, as drugs are most threatening to child’s health. Drugs can change young person’s mind and body in a very short time, creating addiction and leading to serious health problems and even death.


Every day, there are teenagers in New York that try some type of drug. Further more, every day there are teenagers that realize they have drug addiction. Drug abuse statistic shows that marijuana is most popular, but not the only drug that teens consume.


Availability of drugs contributes the cause of the problem. Most teenagers can find drugs in their friendly environment – school or neighborhood. Rarely kids search for drugs, in most cases – drugs find them. As curious by nature, most teens just want to try it, but soon they find themselves taking it on regular bases.


Illicit drugs are not the only problem. Many kids from New York find the way to get high in a totally legal – by using prescription drugs. This is no less dangerous that abuse of street drugs, and may cause same negative effects. Bad thing is that this problem is on the rise.


In fact, lately, more teenagers start with over the counter drugs. When they are no more satisfied with them, they are ready to try “something real”. It is usually marijuana, but unfortunately, for many even this is not enough and they want to try ecstasy, cocaine or heroin. As they are not used to stronger drugs, they often exaggerate which leads to deaths by overdose.


Parents need to pay more attention to their children’s drug abuse. Learn to notice the signs, learn anything you can about drugs and drug abuse, so you can be ahead of your children. Don’t think this could never happen to you, no matter how good parent you are, or how much you trust your child.


Control your child’s behavior and watch out their health. Even cigarettes and alcohol, which may seem like harmless drugs, may lead to serious drug abuse. It is a fact that teens that smoke and/or drink are at a greater risk to try drugs than teens that don’t.


Many professionals believe that, even though it is up to authorities to reduce drug availability; it is up to parents to help their children resist the temptation of trying drugs. Better to be safe than sorry, they say. However, if the drug problem does occur, it is up to parents to help their children get rid of this habit.


New York has many drug abuse programs for children. Experts are working on preventing drug abuse as well as treatment of addiction. Even after treatment, there are after treatment program that help teenagers get back to their normal life. Staff