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November 2010

Child Discipline – The Road to Successful Parenting

by Staff, on at risk youth, child discipline, children discipline, disciplining kids, raising kids

Child discipline is the biggest part of parenting, and it is the most important part of successful parenting. But today's parents find themselves confused and puzzled and have no clue what to do with their teens. Child discipline is needed, love and affection along with positive discipline can make your teens into young adults that know what self-control is, that can be depended on and know how to show respect.

Child discipline helps our teens learn how to function in society, the world we live in is full of rules and laws that they need to learn and respect. Child discipline start from the early age, but in order to discipline our children we first need to discipline ourselves. Some of us are natural, others have to learn as they go, with some errors along the way. Our skills increase with dedication, consistency and the best method that we can use to discipline our children comes with sacrifice sometimes, and that is leading by example.

Let’s take a look at few child discipline tips that can help you with your children:

-    Make sure that your children understand all the rules and boundaries that you set. These are things that need to be very clear and they cannot be negotiated. Remember, your children will test you on this, don’t back out.
-    Make sure that everything you have to say to them is clear and is given without an option or in a roundabout way. Everything you have to say to them you should say directly.
-    You need to establish your authority from an early age. Don’t use a vast vocabulary; saying no is more than enough in the beginning.
-    Rewards and disciplinary measures should be treated the same, if you set a rule keep to it, punishment should be treated the same as rewards.
-    Teach your children about actions and consequences, your children need to know the consequences of bad and good actions.
-    Lead by example, show them appropriate behavior and your children will follow in your footsteps.

Child discipline starts at an early age, from the moment you can talk to your baby, there is no waiting for your child to turn 3 or anything like that. Infants can respond to the sound of our voice, so that means we start from the beginning, at the beginning. A baby learns very fast that her sound, her crying has a response.

The greatest mistake most parents make is to start disciplining their children only when the negative behavior starts to appear. A child has no way of knowing what is right and what is wrong without you teaching your child. Start early before any negative behavior can appear, that way you will be able to shape your child’s behavior from the start. Staff