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October 2010

Causes of Teen Depression

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The causes of depression in general are not quite determined from the scientific point of view, but some of the major factors have been identified, especially when we talk about teen depression. Well, there is not only one cause; there are several causes that are combined that lead to teen depression.

Some of the factors are emotional while others are clearly of physical origin. The most common cause of teen depression according to research is neurotransmitter imbalance, which are the chemicals that send signals to our brain. Although scientists are sure that this is one of the major causes of teen depression they are not sure what is the actual cause of the imbalance, nor are they sure if this is hereditary and gene related.

Their research shows some signs that teens with depression issues in the family are more likely to become depressed themselves, but nothing so far is conclusive enough to be stated as a fact. The only question here is if the cause of teen depression in such situations is actually hereditary or genetic or is it actually a learned behavior.

Some of the known causes of teen depression are sudden changes, like death in the family, sudden move, or any other change that was unexpected. In most of these situation sadness is a normal reaction, but when that sadness lasts for a longer period it can develop into depression.

Trouble at home, school, relationships, or simple life as a teenager is full of stress, and all of that can eventually lead to teen depression if not acted upon. Low self esteem or general negative mindset often leads to depression with most teens. Any teen that is emotionally unbalanced and doesn’t know how to handle stressful situations is at risk of developing major depression. Major life trauma, abuse, they are all causes of major depression and such cases should be subject to therapy when the event that causes the trauma happens so that all later complications can be avoided.

There are plenty of other causes of teen depression among which the most common are:

-    Peer pressure
-    Chronic illness
-    Injury
-    Medication
-    Mental disorders that are untreated, anything from anxiety disorder to ADHD
-    Use of drugs and alcohol
-    Poor health condition
-    Lack of sleep
-    Puberty itself has plenty of influence over teen depression

Most of these causes are out of our control, but some decision our teens make or we as parents make can be one of the causes of teen depression. The bottom line is that most depression patterns can be discovered in time and treated with success, so parents, and friends, keep your eyes open and react. Staff